Life on the farm

Right in the middle, not merely on the sidelines

Hard work on the farm Gadenhof

A day at the farm is characterized by a lot of work but even more joy and satisfaction. Our family, the farmer Thomas and his housewife Annelies with their children Claudia and Alexander as well as the grandparents Josef and Dora, manage the farm and the fields every day.

Children's dreams come true during their stay at our farm. Discover our animals and pamper them with pats. You are welcome to grab it, there is always enough for everyone to do!

The animals on the farm

The cows

They deliver the best mountain milk! Try it!

The geese

They chatter around happily and enjoy life!

The chicken

They are really happy and cluck all day!

The goats

Our funny friends are nibbling grass on fresh mountain meadows!

The cats

Our cats love to be petted. Would you?

The bees

They are extremely hardworking and produce delicious honey!


Covered private parking

Covered private parking


View of the valley